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Салон за красота Grazia SPA

About us
About us About us
About us

The new lifestyle!

This is where the authentic atmosphere of the East is combined with outstanding design. Interior is ultramodern and services - highly professional.

Beauty Salon Grazia SPA e created in 2009 in Sofia.
We work only with high quality and proven in European and world markets, beauty products and technologies. Specialists who work in Grazia SPA are proven professionals bearing ambition and skills to elevate the level of cosmetic procedures globally.

Expanding with each passing year, our services gives completely closed cycle in the field of aesthetics: facial, aesthetic medicine and therapeutic massages, anti-cellulite procedures, SPA treatments, solarium, manicure, pedicure, professional makeup and infrared photoepilation room.

The hall was built entirely by design project using the most modern and luxurious materials combined styles and colors for aesthetic pleasure and good feeling to our customers.

Grazia SPA offers promotions and our subscription cards enable complex care at preferential prices. Here you can give to the occasion to procedure - a stylish surprise for men and women.



Beauty Salon Grazia SPA, relies on high quality products that take care of your beauty and health. For that reason, we use cosmetic products of the French companies Mary Cohr, Guinot and Gernetic, Spanish Germaine de Capuccini and Italian Karaja


Beauty Salon :: Grazia SPA :: BABOR

Beauty Salon :: Grazia SPA :: Guinot

Beauty Salon :: Grazia SPA :: Germaine de Capuccini


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