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Infrared cabin information

Infrared cabin information Infrared cabin information
Infrared cabin information

Infrared cabin from Health Company

What do we feel?
Penetrating deeper into the body, infrared waves heat the muscles and tissues to a depth of 4 mm. The feeling is like when we sit in a quiet evening at sunset and it warmed us nicely.

What do we gain?
With the sweat out of body toxins and slag, salts of heavy metals, fatty acids and excess cholesterol.
Sessions in an infrared cabin affect the human body in two main directions:
Remedial action
Procedures with deep infrared heat help high blood pressure, hypotension, colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, inflammation of the ears, throat, nose, throat, improve blood circulation, arthritis pain, rheumatism, relief work of the kidneys, reducing Cellulite, stabilize blood pressure and body weight.
Cosmetic Action
Increasing blood circulation improves skin condition, such as through sweat pores are cleared and the skin becomes smooth and elastic, with a nice even glow. Reduce wrinkles and scars. The mild climate in the cabin and pleasant warmth allows its use on a daily basis by adults and children, and people with cardiovascular disease.

Activation of blood circulation in the subcutaneous layer under the influence of infrared radiation leads to a widening and cleaning of pores. Removing dead cells, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. The skin is cleaned very well and is appropriate after sessions to make cosmetic procedures.

• Scars, even colloidal be reduced and in many cases are deleted.
• It reduces the unpleasant odors emitted from the skin.
Cellulite consists of water, fat and fatty products generated as a result of natural processes. Cellulite is postponed to the layers below the top layer of skin and lead to cosmetic problems. Deep penetration of infrared radiation helps to break down cellulite.
Problems with overweight
Regular use of infrared cabin gives excellent results for problems with obesity. The very process of sweating burns more energy. In studies, 30-minute session allows you to be burned from 900 to 2400 calories, which compares with X 10-15 km. Therefore, regular use of the car can help to regulate body weight.
What cures the infrared cabin HEALTH COMPANY in regular use ?

• Stabilizes blood pressure
• Breach of blood supply
• Overweight
• Arthritis and Rheumatism
• Skin burns
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Inflammation of the joints, spines
• Tremor
• Renal failure
• Cellulite
• Back Pain
• Chronic muscle pain

• Stomach pain
• Stress
• Bronchitis
• Digestive disturbance
• Asthma
• Inflammation of the ear, throat, nose
• Colds
• Skin Disease
• Discopathy
• Osteoarthritis
• Weight Loss and exhaustion of the body

Infrared cabin information Infrared cabin information Infrared cabin information
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