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Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages
Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages
Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages

Classic massage
relieving muscle tension and restore their normal tone

duration: 60 min. price: 45.00 lv.

Partial massage
Partial massage focuses on the most vulnerable parts of your body, back, neck and head.

duration: 30 min., price: 35.00 lv.

Sports massage
intense power whole body massage, suitable for recovery before and after prolonged exercise

duration: 45 min. price: 45.00 lv.

Relaxing /anti-stress/ massage
light, relaxing massage combined with elements of acupressure with anti-stress effect, which regulates energy flow in the body and takes the tension in the muscles and senses

duration: 60 min., price: 50.00 lv.

Body Toning
Body toning is designed to tone body dropped through specific massage techniques stimulates blood circulation.

duration: 60 min., price: 50.00 lv.

Lymph drainage
mild repetitive movements that help release toxins and fluids, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system

duration: 45 min., price: 45.00 lv.

Anti-cellulite massage
energizing massage that effectively breaks down fatty deposits from the lymph, improves
bloodstream and builds "orange peel"

duration: 40 min., prices: 40.00 lv.

Honey therapy
• supplies the skin and through the circulatory system - and other organs and systems with valuable vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances (through massage 100% of these substances are absorbed by the body, by eating only half of them pass the barrier of the gastro - intestinal mucosa);
• improves circulation and accelerates the release of the body to continuously logs in it toxins and waste products;
• removes nerve - muscle tension and stress;
• stimulates the immune system and accelerate recovery after suffering infections;
• increases vitality and refresh after a long sleep;

duration: 40 min., prices: 45.00 lv.

Foot reflexology
Reflexology is based on the principle that all organs, glands and systems in the body are projected onto the zones or reflex points on the feet and hands. By massage of these points is reduced tension throughout the body.

duration: 30 min., price: 35.00 lv.

Peeling with products from Guinot
30 min peel with extract of kiwi fruit and sugar cane, followed by application of the body with essential oils and extract of orange and grapefruit

duration: 40 min., price: 40.00 lv.
Anti-cellulite massage with products from Guinot

duration: 30 min., price: 40 lv.


Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages Beauty salon :: Grazia SPA :: Massages


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